Saturday, 8 September 2012

Makeup I Used For the Julep Mascara Look

Hello ladies, I hope you are enjoying your Saturday!
I figured I would just do a quick post about my makeup for my Julep September post, it is one of a few of my every day looks that I rotate, and pretty easy to do.
Here's what I used:
 Here's how I applied the eyeshadow:

 I apply the NYX eyeliner last, because if you get eyeshadow on it, it can totally cover it. It's a good eyeliner though, and doesn't ever feel all cracked and crumbly like some liquid liners can.

You can purchase L'oreal and Essence at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada) The Essence pallete is under $4 and L'oreal Amber Rush is around $11, but you can get it way cheaper on Ebay - Click here to see.

I purchased the NYX liner at Rexall, but you can get it for $5.62, free shipping on Ebay. ($5.75 USD)
I would highly recommend this liner, it lasts all day, no issues and doesn't remove easily with just water. I also have the Extreme Purple color and like it too.

The bronzer I'm wearing as blush is Annabelle Zebra Bronzer in Haute Gold. I have a lighter olive skin tone, so I like to wear a lot of bronze, gold, and purple makeup colors.
What are your favorite colors to wear?

Happy nails!☺

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