Saturday, 8 September 2012

It's My Blog Sale! Finally.

 February 11th- I have a big album on my facebook page selling tons of indie polish lots, shipping to USA included in prices. Please Check it out, I am trying to raise money to see a specialist for my injury so every bit counts!
Click here to view!

 **November 5th-All lowered prices have been highlighted yellow!**

Hello and welcome to my Blog Sale!
Shipping is as follows, and I am only charging the post office prices, nothing for materials. Canadian shipping is a bit more expensive than USA shipping.

Shipping varies so please ask for a price quote and I will get right back to you!

Shipping to the USA is $6 for 3 full bottles or whatever combination up to 200g weight total. $8 for shipping above 200 grams. 1lb plus-$11-12 This is the post office charged price. Items will be packaged well for free in recycled materials.

For Canada: $12 for any amount. This is again the post office price.  Sorry Canadians, shipping within Canada is unfortunately ridiculously expensive.

International Shipping will be under $12, I shipped something to Portugal recently and it was $9 so yeah. It could take a month or a bit longer. I can get a more direct quote for any international people interested.

Here's what I have for sale! There are a few used items, but most are BN= brand new. This will be specified by the item name.

 All brand new: The Body Shop:1 pair of festive bath gloves $3, 50ml cranberry body butter $3 Orange lip roll on $4 Tea Tree face wash $3. Caboodles glitter eyegloss in Lounge $3, sealed.

Covergirl 365 Enchantress lipstick, sealed- $5. Urban Decay glitter eye gel in power ballad- 10ml used once. $7
China Glaze GR8, the bottle is a bit rough but it's BN. $10. Nubar Absolute BN $6, Julep Fina BN $5,  Sheryl BN $5, Base Coat $6- GONE. Pretty&Polished Martian Salad- used once for 4 finger swatch. $8. Utopia's Polish Green Eggs and Ham- used once for 4 finger swatch. $7.

SOPI- note to self, used 1x, $4 SOPI- Who Let the geeks out $5 BN. Opi Brisbane Bronze BN $7 Opi Rosy Future BN $7- has a number written on the top of cap with sharpie. OPI Nicole- Spotted! BN $6 OPI Nicole- rent a magenta BN $7

Kleancolor- Chunky Holo Clover and Purple BN $4 each. Julep Stefani- Swatched 1x on wheel $4. Revlon Sublime Strawberry- Used 1x $3. SH Insta-Dri Raspberry Race BN $4. Borghese  biscotto beige BN $5. Zoya Kennedy used once $4

Santee- Green used 1x, $2. Spa Ritual- fall in love, used 1x, $4. OPI Nicole- kendall on the katwalk BN, $6. Comes with tag, not pictured. Covergirl Electric Blue- used 1x, $2. OPI Nicole mini, color unsure $1.5. Utopia's Polish- Coral Reef used 1x, line is by the lower curl. Glitter is curled slightly. $2

Revlon Peach Smoothie used 1x- $3. Borghese- bellissima rose BN $5. Alessandro heel rescue balm 30ml $3. LUSH limited edition love potion massage bar BN, $8

LUSH, all BN and bought this year. Top corner- helping hands massage bar $5. Jungle conditioner bars x2 $4 each. Sunnyside bubble bar $4. Mint Julips lip scrub $6. Wiccy magic muscles massage bar in tin- $9

Yuzu and Cocoa limited edition perfume. Only sprayed less than 5 times.  Has a big scratch on the side of the bottle where the finish wore off, see below pic.. You can see the level there, I assure you it is full. $40, firm.

Tiffany's boxes, as is. See pics for condition. $2 each. about 2.5 inches x 2 in. 

Free with purchase- Ardene's sunglasses.
Also for sale- Lots of cool franken polishes!
Please click here for bottle pics, the sizes these are in, prices and more details. Thank you! full size are $6.50, 5ml are $3.00. There is only one of each except for #2 and they are all in various sizes. I also take custom orders, please comment or email me @

Thanks for looking everyone! Please send me an Email at to purchase anything, emails will take priority over comments, and you must email me to purchase things anyways. Questions can be emailed or left below. Payments will be sent by paypal, I will send invoices. To see my seller feedback on ebay, click here.

Happy nails!☺

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  1. LUSH, all BN and bought this year. Top corner- helping hands massage bar $5. Jungle conditioner bars x2 $4 each. Sunnyside bubble bar $4. Mint Julips lip scrub $6. Wiccy magic muscles massage bar in tin- $9

    How much would it be for all of this shipped?


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