Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Order From Nail Polish Direct UK

 Hello Ladies!
So a few weeks back I saw a post on the Nailasaurus where Sammy had this W7 polish that looked just like nails inc Pudding Lane and I had to have it!
I was worried because the shipping from the UK is usually ridiculous, but on Nail Polish Direct it was really reasonable to Canada.  
£2.95 which is $4.57 Canadian. Super cheap! I ordered my polishes on August 16th and got them on August 28th. It looks like they have raised shipping prices since then though, they must have got a lot of orders! Shipping  to the USA and Canada is now £7.95 ($12.32 Canadian.) Ouch!
Anyways, here's what I ordered:
This is the box everything came in, excuse the left-over bits of packing peanuts. It's a miracle nothing broke, it was just like 20 Styrofoam peanuts and the polishes in a box.
Why you so blurry camera? /shakes fist

 So I ended up getting W7 Nail Polish Lava Flow(top), Salt n Pepper (under to the left) Metallic Venus(under to the right) and the bottom row is Barry M-Jewel Britannia and Lavender Hexograms, which is another word for squares I learned by buying this polish! Haha.It's a really pretty polish with the lavender squares and fine lavender/silver glitter. Beside it is Mosaic.
Here are some more pics of W7 Metallic Venus:
Wearing Pretty&Polished Cheer Camp
All of the W7 polishes are not 3 free, and the ones with sparkles smell like regular polish, but Metallic Venus just reeks like any nail polish made before 2005. It's quite gross but I may forgive it for being such a pretty duochrome. Overall, I love my order, and everything was only around $26. What do you think of these polishes? Any favorites?

Happy nails!☺

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