Monday, 27 August 2012

Franken Polishes For Sale!

Hello Ladies!
I wanted to put a few franken polishes together for my upcoming blog sale!You know, whenever I feel like uploading and labeling all those pictures haha.  I went a bit overboard and made 15 polishes instead!You know I don't toot my own horn much but these are all so cool, I know you will love them because there is something for everyone. Here is all the swatch pics first and then I will have bottle shots and pricing. Please note that all swatches are 2 coats. All polishes with glitter have some glitter suspension base in them.
All bottles are well cleaned, recycled bottles from previous polishes. Bottles will have Shenailigans labels on them. ❤
This is 1-5 with a coat of clear polish over top. You see that blue twinkly shimmer in #3? So cool right? It is also slightly duochrome. 2 is similar to my pants on fire franken, and I have 2 full size bottles of this color for sale. I love #1, a combo of pinks, purples, blues and red. 4 is similar to my Deep blue, See? polish I made previously. It has more fine gold glitter and gold holo hex and bars. 5 is a combo of at least 4 greens, gold holo hex and bar glitter, gold shimmer and gold glitter flakes.

Here's another pic of 4,5 and here's 6+7. 6 has fine purple and blue glitter, blue hex, and some shimmer. 7 is a greenish yellow, kinda chartreuse with lots of different rainbow glitters. It is shimmery, has gold shimmer, holo squares and blue stars (not in pic tho.) and white hex's.You have to see the bottle shot to believe this one!
 8 is a yellow-orange color with yellow, red and orange hex, holo square and some pink holo hearts. it has some white glitter and some red squares. 9 is a dark, red based pink. it's shimmery, has fine white glitter, and metalic glitters in various colors. Gold bar and hex.
Here's a recap pic of row one.
 10 is a pastel hex mix. green, blue, pink. 11 is a gorgeous burgundy purple shimmer with blue hex, fine gold holo glitter. 12 is an assortment of rainbow glitter in a white base. 13 is a pink pastel with pink shimmer and rainbow glitter. also some silver holo glitter and hex.

14 is a gorgeous nude pink with green shimmer. it has various glitters including:black bars, red and orange squares, other small and medium colorful hex. some white matte glitter. the rest of the glitter is metallic.  15 is a blue-toned baby pink with bigger hex in white, yellow, pink, purple, lavender matte and royal blue metallic. also holo glitter in 2 sizes.
The orange beside 15 is just an experiment of mine and not for sale. ;)
Click through for bottle shots and pricing!

Okay so full size 15ml bottles are $8.50 and 6ml mini bottles are $4.
Shipping to the USA is $6 for 3 full bottles or whatever combination up to 200g weight total. $8 for shipping above 200 grams. This is the post office charged price. Items will be packaged well for free in recycled materials.

For Canada: $12 for any amount. This is again the post office price.  Sorry Canadians, shipping within Canada is unfortunately ridiculously expensive.

International Shipping will be under $12, I shipped something to Portugal recently and it was $9 so yeah. It could take a month or a bit longer. I can get a more direct quote for any international people interested.

#1=$8.50. #2,3 are $8.50. #3 is $4. #4 is $8.50.
 #5,6,7,8,9 are all $8.50.
10, 11, 12 are all $4. 13 is $8.50.
#14 is $6 because it's an 8ml bottle. 15 is $4.

If you want to purchase any of these polishes, please email me at Emails will get first dibs, not comments. I accept paypal.
You can put a hold on them until my blog sale if you want, or you can purchase them from me now and I will ship them to you the next day. I have lots of shipping and selling experience, click here to see my ebay feedback. Comment with any questions or comments you have, and thanks for looking!

Happy nails!☺

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  1. Are you planning on making anymore of the Floam dupe?

    1. Hi Tyra! I would be willing to make a couple, yes! They would be $10 due to supplies. :)


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