Thursday, 21 June 2012

Julep Natalie and the Winner of the Julep Intro Box Giveaway!

I would like to thank everyone for participating in my Julep Giveaway! I was very excited to have a chance to partner with Julep, and it was awesome that everyone was as excited to enter the giveaway! I am very honored to have you all as Facebook fans and Google Friends, and of course Twitter followers. The winner was Amanda L.- Entry #126. She gets to pick whatever Intro box she likes best!

Today I have  Julep Natalie to show you. I got it in my itsy bitsy mystery box. I won't be ordering one again, although winning a golden box for May probably used up my luck haha. In my mystery box, I got Julep Molly (already have but it's a gorgeous red) Natalie, and Vera. Vera made it all worth it because it is a gorgeous coffee with cream color, and it fits into my "OMG I LOVE BEIGE" love.
I also got a Julep nail file, and the SPF lip balm. I haven't tried the lip balm yet ( I have tons of lip balm) and I also got one in my June box so now I have 2.

2 coats of Natalie.
I put a fimo grapefruit as an accent nail, with a couple coats of NYX- Dreamy Glitter. Natalie is totally the same color as grapefruit pulp.
Here's a close up of the accent nail. I love fimo fruit slices, I have a bunch of cake/ dessert ones that I haven't used yet. You can get sliced or unsliced (you slice it yourself with a razor blade) and they are pretty cheap on Ebay. Do you love fruit nails? I do!

Happy nails!

♥ ❤ ❥ ,  Samantha


  1. So so cute! Love the grapefruit!


  2. What an adorable mani!! I also got Natalie, Molly and Vera. I was iffy about Vera until I put her on my nails. She also looks great with Natalie. I attempted my first polka dot mani posted on my new blog here if you wouldn't mind checking it out! I am trying to figure out how to add a follow me button? Thanks!


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